This Election

This election sucks. I’m 19 and a first time voter. I should be excited right? Wrong ! I am very mad at these two canidates. They both seem so childish and stupid. I don’t even think I want to vote for either of them. I know I’m just ranting and not even talk about the political issues. It’s ridiculous. This election is ridiculous. Please tell me I’m not the only one who think this whole thing is ridiculous. I’m sorry that this is short but I’m going to make another blog about on why I am FUSTRATED


One response to “This Election

  1. It can very frustrating, BUT It’s a serious part of
    our USA lives. We live in the BEST COUNTRY in the world. People go to great extremism to get & live in our country.
    Even though we may not like the candidates, It’s important to learn WHO you are & what you believe
    …..that’s what USA is about: different heritages, different historical backgrounds, religions, different standards, ALL coming together under ONE CONSTITUTION & making US work. While voting is uncomfortable & a learning experience each time, it’s OUR PRIVILEGE. LOVE this country, It’s NOT coincidental you’re here, its GODS WILL!~SB

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