Review of Salad Fingers

During Christmas break, I was searching videos on  youtube. While I was searching youtube, I came across this web cartoon called “Salad Fingers”. I heard about the web series before but I never thought of looking at it. Then one day I stumbled upon it.

If you are thinking that “Salad Fingers” is about salad you are wrong. “Salad Fingers” is about this mentally disturbed man named “Salad Fingers” and he likes touching rusty thing. He live in a post-apocalyptic world. He has four friends that are finger puppets and he thinks they are real. in the first episode he made the weirdest mistake (I ‘m not telling you just in case you want to look at it.)

My impression of this series is that it is creepy. I don’t know if I like it or if I hate it.The series is addicting to me. People who like weird stuff will love the show. People who are easily scared will hate it. In my opinion the show isn’t really scary but it’s creepy. It could get into your psych. The way “Salad Fingers” talks is creepy, his friends are creepy, his life is creepy, his world is creepy. Did I tell you why I think his name is “Salad Fingers”? The answer is because he have salad fingers. None of the characters look human. It’s hard to explain. It’s not scary but it made me jump when I heard my mom walking down the hall. I would suggest this web animated series to Teens, Young Adult, and other adults who like creepy think. Even though it’s a cartoon I think children should stay away from.



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