Being Unique

Each and every one of us are unique. We all have unique features, unique experiences that makes us who we are today. If everyone was the same this world will be a very boring place that may seem cliche but it’s true. Most cliche things are true I noticed.

Here is my personality that makes me unique. I am introverted. I like going to a small get together and even functions but I like to have one on one conversations with people, I can talk up a storm but with a groups of people, I can’t do it. People say I am articulate but I don’t think I am because I speak so low. People say I am mature for my age but i don’t know. I like to sing though. I like to write.

I am pretty sure people have similar experiences and, interest that I have but I guess compared to other I am pretty unique. No one in this world looks exactly like me and think exactly like me. That’s what makes me unique. I think people should embrace themselves and accept who they are.


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